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Electronic Data Storage Devices

Electronic Data Storage Devices

November 2008


Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security Devices Standard 22 seeks to reduce the risk of law enforcement data stored on electronic data storage devices being accessible to unauthorised persons when it is no longer required. 

The review recognised that Victoria Police has established or is planning to develop a number of processes that demonstrate that they are working towards achieving full compliance with this standard.  Examples include ensuring sanitisation of Victoria Police personal computer (PC) hard drives prior to their return to the lessor and the development of a revised standard Agreement for negotiation with Approved Third Party organisations which incorporates the requirements of the CLEDS Standards and protocols.

The review identified a number of improvements required, including the provision of accurate and up-to-date information about data disposal from electronic storage devices in a single document and a greater focus on education and training activities to ensure all Victoria Police employees are fully aware of their responsibilities regarding data disposal from these devices. 

Victoria Police is aware of the issues raised in the review report and have agreed to continue to work towards gaining full compliance with this standard. 


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