Welcome to the website of the Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security.

The statutory office of the Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security was established on 1 July 2006 under the Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security Act 2005. 

The Commissioner's role is to promote the use of appropriate and secure law enforcement data management practices by Victoria Police, thus enhancing community confidence in Victoria Police's ability to securely manage confidential information.

The functions of the Commissioner are to:

  • establish standards for the security and integrity of law enforcement data systems;
  • establish standards and protocols for access to, and release of, law enforcement data; 
  • monitor compliance with established standards and protocols;  and
  • undertake reviews of any matters relating to law enforcement data security requested by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services or the Chief  Commissioner of Police.


April 2013: Mr David Watts, Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security, was appointed Acting Privacy Commissioner from 13 April 2013. (more)

December 2012: New Commissioner will stengthen data protection. An office of the Privacy and Data Protection Commissioner will be established. (more)

November 2012: Results of Victoria Police Information Security Culture Survey released. (Report) (Media release



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